Sunday, November 6, 2011

#77 - I'll Follow You Into the Dark

Song - I'll Follow You Into the Dark
Artist - Death Cab for Cutie

Good lord, this song is good and sad as all hell. I had kind of written it off because it's one of those songs that everyone with a ukulele eventually does (kind of like I'm Yours, which I won't do). But the lyrics really are incredible, I'm glad Lauren suggested it.


  1. The lyrics have such a wonderful meaning to them. I'm so glad you caved and did it!

  2. Hey Hanna!!!
    This is RAD.
    How do I get back to the beginning in order to watch previous entries?
    Keep it up, and a suggestion for songs to try would be some of Jerry Garcia/David Grisman's stuff on "Shady Grove!"

  3. Thank you Rabbit!
    If you look to the right under blog archives and click "2011" that brings them all up. Or just go to :)
    I love Shady Grove! My dad's band does that song, I'll work on it!