Wednesday, June 20, 2012

#237 - It Ain't Me Babe

Song - It Ain't Me Babe
Artist - Bob Dylan
Chord source -
I have been getting a lot of requests on youtube for the chords I use for songs. For some reason it won't let me post links in the comments, so I'm going to start posting them here. Then when I forget how to play songs I can just look them up on here again!


  1. love this song and enjoy the way you play it on the uke!

    ps It Ain't Me Babe is by Bob Dylan

  2. Thank you for the correction!

  3. thank you for posting this and other uke songs!

    ps and I realize that it wasn't your fault, e-chords has it listed as a Johnny Cash song ... my uke group corrected me when I said "Ring of Fire" was a Johnny Cash song (June Carter wrote it with Merle Kilgore, but of course, Johnny Cash's performance made it popular), gotta give the writers credit

  4. I usually try to research a songs credits before I post it, but sometimes I get lazy :)