Tuesday, March 25, 2014

#350 - The Average Song

Song - The Average Song
Artist - ME!
Chords - If you really want to know them just ask!

I've been tweaking this song for a little while now, I'm pretty happy with where it is finally! This song was inspired by a conversation I had with my friend Jaime. We were noticing how there are only songs written for the very heights and depths of emotion, but never day to day life. Songs are about the overwhelming feelings around love, joy, grief, loss, and sorrow. We thought how funny it would be to hear a song on the radio that was like, "Yeah, that's me! I'm pretty darn average and ok with that!!" I think the result was pretty funny!

*note that my life is actually pretty awesome and the dark parts of this song were added for comedic reasons only :)


  1. This song is really funny. I must point out though, that your butt is better than average. :P

  2. That was a really fun song. Thank you! You did a great job. We need less drama

  3. Thank you both! Glad you liked it ;)