Monday, October 3, 2011

#43 - Manic Monday

Song - Manic Monday
Artist - The Bangles

What an appropriate song for today! It was Monday and I was also quite manic! I am nearing the end of my education at Portland State University, so a lot of my classes involve instructors telling us how to set ourselves apart of professional individuals. It hit me like a ton of bricks that I look weird. Not in the "meh, my nose is funny and my butt isn't small way" just that I accept that with or without my tattoos, stretched ears and dreads I'm just kind of a funny looking gal. I like myself that way! When I am at my internship I cover all of my tattoos, dress as conservatively as I am able and wear small things in my ears. But my dreads, oh my dreads, I feel that they are the one thing that is going to push my "look" a little too far for people. In the middle of class I started to panic that my dreads were going to hold me back from getting the job of my dreams. So I'm left with the decision to take them out or leave them in, wondering if they are holding me back all the time. This is no small decision. I have taken them out before and it was HORRIBLE. Hours and hours of raking through 2 year old knots put in there with love by my friend Emily. I know my buddy Sean over at Entrust can do amazing things with my hair if I go through with it, but oh boy do I not want to.

So these thoughts led to a downward spiral about how unprepared I am for our wedding in May (make those two things connect however you need to). We will have been engaged for a year next month and I really haven't done all that much to prepare. I need to get on it.

Oh boy, so manic. I felt like Mr. Peepers today.
Hello Monday

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