Monday, July 9, 2012

#252 - Little Star

Song - Little Star
Artist - Stina Nordenstam
Chord source -

Today was the first time I cried while trying to record a song. I have known our neighbors and good friend Aumie and Shauna as long as I have known Brandon (my husband). They have two of the sweetest cats in the world (even though Morpheus likes to bite sometimes). Romeo is a dear, kind and gentle cat who snuggles and loves like no cat I have ever met. His love for Aumie and Shauna is deep and obvious though he will shower visitors with affection as well. A few months back the found out that Romeo had cancer, which they quickly removed through a surgery. Throughout his treatment and recovery, Romeo remained his sweet affectionate self, never once deviating from his pleasant nature. Last month, the cancer came back and since has grown steadily but without much harm to Romeo's daily life.
This morning my sweet friend received the sad news that these would be his last days. My heart is breaking for them, but I know there is nothing I or they can do for him at this point. I feel helpless that I can't ease there pain or Romoe's. Feeding them and singing sweet songs is all I can hope to do right now.
I couldn't find many songs with the name Romeo in them that weren't super cheesy, so I landed on this one from the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack.

Romeo will always community's little star. He was loved by all and will be greatly missed.


  1. Shannon, Aaron and KyJuly 17, 2012 at 1:19 PM

    Shauna told me how beautiful this was, and how much it means to her. You are amazing, and I even know that this song and food meant the world, but more importantly just that you guys are always there for them means the most. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Thank you so much Shannnon for the kind words. We all know how hard this is for them, so we do what we can. It was great seeing you all this weekend!