Wednesday, August 24, 2011

#3 - Big Rock Candy Mountain

Song - Big Rock Candy Mountain
Artist - Harry McClintock

I recorded this song on my lunch from work in my car (I promise I'm not stuck in traffic or something). While the Subaru Loyal is a really great car, it's acoustics aren't that great. I apologize that the sound of the ukulele/banjo is a little blown out, maybe I should only use the Mahalo in the car....or you know, not record with my phone all the time.

I love this song! According to wiki "Big Rock Candy Mountain, first recorded by Harry McClintock in 1928, is a song about a hobo's idea of paradise. McClintock claims to have written the song in 1895 based on tales from his misspent youth hoboing through the United States, but some believe the song, or at least aspects of it, have existed for far longer."

I think I first heard it on the sound track to O Brother Where Art Thou? which played on loop at the cafe I worked at when I first graduated from high school. That CD was on ALL THE TIME yet I managed not to get sick of the songs. The movie recently celebrated the 10 year anniversary of its release (thanks NPR for that tidbit of info) which lead me to go through some of the songs again.

This one is for my buddy Joe, who I'm pretty sure was the king of all the hobos in another life!

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