Tuesday, August 30, 2011

#9 - Come On Up to the House

Song - Come On Up to the House
Artist - Tom Waits (This version is based off of the cover by Sarah Jarosz)

A friend of mine posted this video today, such an amazing and moving song. Searching for versions of it lead me to Sarah Jarosz and an great cover she did of it that was a lot more ukulele friendly. This song has so many damn words though! It took me about 6 times to get it almost right, and I STILL didn't nail the last verse. Ah well, close enough!


  1. We need to get together! You, banjolele; my hubby, one of the trillion ukes he owns; me, bass uke...add in some harmony! We gots us a group! ;)

    Teresa R (I can't seem to add comments from my blog profile for some reason)

  2. I would love that Teresa! Text or call me and we can work out a time!
    You should be able to select how you want to respond, either as your blogspot name or your own :)