Thursday, September 1, 2011

#10 - Rainbow Connection

Song - Rainbow Connection
Artist - Kermit the Frog (or ya know, Jim Henson)

As a kid I always wanted to be blond and a soprano. I bleached my hair blond a few times and my attempts at singing soprano are just about as appealing. So I apologize for my squeaky squeaky voice, but I really wanted to try this song and it was already dropped down a key from the original.

I had a pretty rotten day and didn't know if I was going to whip something up for the day music-wise, but I have to say that I'm glad I did. Playing the ukulele makes me really happy; it's like trying not to really laugh when you're fake laughing, eventually the silliness will get to you. Thanks ukulele, for cheering me up.

Also, I really need to close my damn mouth when I'm concentrating and work on that vacant stare of mine.

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