Thursday, September 1, 2011

#11 - Eye of the Tiger

Song - Eye of the Tiger
Artist - Survivor

So apparently this song was written at Sylvester Stallone's request because the rights to "Another One Bites the Dust" couldn't be obtained for Rocky III. There's an awesome little tidbit your next cocktail party.

If you haven't karaoked this song before I highly recommend it. Nothing seems to pump people up quite as much as the intro, which didn't quite translate to the ukulele as I had hoped.

My favorite story about this song comes from a former boss who went to a Tony Robbins seminar. After hearing all about how easily they could take control of their own lives and break through all obstacles they had to learn how to punch through 2X4s. That's right, punch through blocks of wood. But what feat of strength without a power ballad playing in the background? And what power ballad do you suppose people broke their knuckles to? You guessed it.

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